Where to meet?

I love to go to meetups of different types. Most of the time I go to:
– Lean Agile coffee meetups (by Agile holland): This concept is great when you want to really join the conversations and meet great new people that also like to talk about Lean and Agile thinking.
– IoT meetups: This community organizes events about my passionate hobby, Internet of Things. I love to play with Arduino and Raspberry Pi concepts, so I regurarly join these meetups to see what is going on in this wonderful new world.
– LEGO Serious play meetups: I really strongly believe in combining Lego with learning about topics, especially Agility, Scrum and organizational change. Since my first attendance at a session during Play4Agile, I really love the concept and am constantly looking for ways to apply the learning on different topics. I regurarly join these meetups.
– Appsterdam meetups: I like to develop apps and am always curious to see what other people have done in this area of expertise. And I live in Amsterdan, so this meetup is great for me to join once in a while!

– Play14: This great event is about serious gaming/playing and gives me a lot of inspiration for trainings, facilitating & coaching.
– Play4Agile: This is a great event that I want to join every year. It combines my 2 favourite hobbies: Games & Agility.
– Scrum day Europe: I’ve organized this event once while I was employed at Prowareness. Therefor I still love to go there and see what’s the latest news out of the Scrum community in Europe.
– Agile coach camp NL: These events are always a joy to go to. A lot of enthousiastic people that want to learn more about agility and also like to play games during the evenings. Want to go here every year.
– XP days NL: Great event with great people that have the same interests
– Agile 2017 in Orlando, Florida: Really want to be here. I am currently looking into possibilities to go here.