Dave’s lab: part 2 – Using Google’s Android Things on my Raspberry Pi

Well, since the last time I tried Google Android on my Raspberry Pi, a few things have happened: I went on a holiday, so I wasn’t able to do much on this project.

And in the meantime a new version of the developer version of Android Things has come out.
I will now install this new version and see if I can do some cool stuff with it, to make sure I can use 3D hardware accelerated stuff on my raspberry Pi.
I didn’t do anything at all; I have installed a 433MhZ receiver and sender on my Raspberry Pi and I am now also able to remote control the lights in my house. I have done this with pi-light, an opensource application that enables you to do all these cool things.
But now back to my original plan. Let’s give it a go!

Dave’s lab: Using Google’s Android Things on my Raspberry Pi

In this series of blog posts I will talk you through my adventures in my ‘lab’. I have created a so called Magic Mirror, out of some tutorials on the web. These tutorials are really awesome and you have a great mirror running in no time. It has some cool features, like displaying weather info, your appointments out of your google calendar. Some news-items from your own favorite news provider (in my case nu.nl), and you can even let it tell you that you look awesome today!

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