Coaching & Consultancy

Most of the time I do work as a coach/ consultant in the field of Agility. I can act at different levels in the organization. I am really good when I have the ability to work directly with teams. I love to work with the people that actually do the work at hand. I am also good in coaching Product Owners and business people in how they work together with the teams. I know how to scale Agility in the organization and I know how to work closely with management in achieving this.

Besides the role of a coach/consultant, I also like the role of the Scrum Master. This role really helps me to focus on the team and their improvements. It also gives me the opportunity to help the team in setting up things like Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and/or Automated testing. These techniques are essential when you want to have most impact with an Agile team. Due to my background as a developer, these techniques are often easily applicable for me.

The work I like most is starting off Agile teams in a way that is energizing and motivational. I present the possibilities of self-organization and teamwork and give responsibilities to the team based on their Agile maturity. While the team is learning the theory while doing it in practice, I can than show the advantages of the new way of working to the rest of the organization. Often this stimulates other teams to think about Agility. A win-win propositions…

Above all, I just like to work with people. That is the reason for me being a coach. Really help people in finding solutions for their challenges on personal, team or organizational level.